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Africa Sports Legacy

The meeting place for the business of sports tourism


About Us

Africa Sports Legacy is about utilizing sport and sports tourism for the socio-economic development of Africa. The continent’s sublime natural features and cultural resources coupled with sport’s proven ability to create opportunities and employment for individuals, communities, and nations. 

We recognize that if adequate structures, institutions, policies and regulatory frameworks successfully experienced in other parts of the globe are replicated Africa-wide, the world's sporting spotlight would focus on this great continent.


Our Vision

To help African cities and communities fully realise and harvest the opportunities that lay within the business of sport and sport tourism. Leading the charge in reimagining how the business of sport is understood and executed in the sports tourism and allied sectors. We will do this by:


The sharing of expertise

Provide events to share global best practice for the business of sport tourism for sports performance. ​


Create strategic partnerships

Work closely with organisations to implement the optimal structure and function for the success of sport tourism’s contribution to high performance. ​


Creating opportunities

Increase opportunities and reduce constraints to sport participation for health & wellness, and sport performance.


Our Vision

Our Partners


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