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Independence, Excellence & Joy

Hi, I'm Natalie, SYLIN co-founder, and marketing enthusiast. I've worked in digital marketing for over 9 years working across the tech, recruitment, and healthcare industries. I started a side hustle 6 years ago helping local businesses establish and grow their digital presence. 3 years ago I started SYLIN, with one vision in mind:

I want to help myself and other small business owners be our own masters, share our excellence with the world and have fun doing it.

So here we are 3 years on turning that vision into a reality. 

13th October, 10am (CAT)

The Meeting Place for the Business of Sports Tourism

Sanganai World Tourism Expo

Strategies for economic recovery and growth 

We’re bringing together thought leaders across the sports and tourism industry to discuss strategies to promote economic recovery and growth, through the proven power of the business that lies in sport tourism.

We’ll be delivering a series of masterclasses that will;

  • Explore innovative sports tourism blueprints enhancing awareness of the benefits of sports tourism.

  • Examine an actionable Sports Tourism strategy to deliver offerings in local destinations.

  • Improve your product development skill sets and competencies to produce more marketable and sustainable offerings

  • Discuss Brand, Engagement, and Commercial rights for Sports tourism events. 

  • Deliberate how the public and private sectors can work together to produce more sports tourism interventions that will fulfil the needs and aspirations of the shareholder, clients, and stakeholders in the value chain.

  • Explore how destination partners can work in unison to ensure success on both impact and legacy components. 

Our Speakers

DSC_7225 (1).jpg

Stan Madiri 

A World Athletics elite coach respected in the industry for his life changing coaching and mentoring of high-performance athletes and coaches respectively to Olympic and Worlds’ podium performances.

Naledi Khabo.jpg

Naledi Khabo

Naledi K. Khabo is a strategy leader with 25 years of experience in Operations, Marketing & Technology. She currently serves as chief executive at the Africa Tourism Association (ATA), a global trade association promoting travel and tourism to Africa and strengthening intra-Africa partnerships.  She is Co-Founder of The Collective & Travel Is Better In Color, organizations driving inclusive engagement across the industry.


Dr Winnie Tubey 

Dr. Winnie Tubey is a University Lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya and a Strategy Consultant with expertise spanning over 14 years. She is a researcher and published scholar with a bias toward sports tourism, community-based projects, and conservation.


Winnie is currently an executive member of SLIA (Sports Leaders Institute Africa), a member of  Eco-tourism Kenya, ASMA (African Sports Management Association), and Tourism Professional Association.

Jason Maritz.jpg

Jason Maritz

 Jason Maritz is the Co-Founder of Blue Thunder Rugby. His acumen in both sport and business is invaluable, having previously run successful start-ups in South Africa whilst forming a big part of the transformation of the Zimbabwe National 15's team, The Sables. 

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